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Invest with confidence in affordable house and land packages for either a holiday or permanent home, an investment, or a mixture of investment and periodic personal use, all set in resort / gated village environments.

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You have the option of purchasing an established land and villa package or just vacant land and then choosing your own brand new design for your villa.

You own your land by way of registered leasehold title. The ownership of your lot is registered with land Victoria, on the freehold title, it is saleable and transferable whenever you choose.

There is no land tax payable, and if you are purchasing to live permanently there is no stamp duty.


Our guarantee is not only supported by the company but by a combination of all the above associations and our considerable marketing expertise.

The income guarantee is 5-6% pa for 10 years to all investors. The advantages are:

  • You will receive a monthly payment, paid on the 15th of every month
    (or next business day).
  • Never have to worry about chasing rent.
  • Never have to worry about chasing a tenant.
  • All villas are furnished by the management company.

Our experience in the industry, coupled with our confidence, underpins the investor rental guarantee.

“Living interstate and owning an investment has never been easier, the Holiday Lifestyle Development staff attend to all repairs and maintenance and are on time every month with my income payment.”

Ray Rockman

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Holiday Lifestyle developments?

Answer: Our skilled team of professionals have the knowledge to choose and purchase in the right locations whether it’s for a lifestyle by the sea or somewhere else we aim to deliver a great investment for future growth.

What is being offered?

Answer: Vacant allotments or packaged house and land in prime beachside and beachfront locations for permanent living or holiday homes.

Investments are offered with a fixed 6% guaranteed net returns for up to 10years.

Is there any Stamp Duty or GST in the purchase of the registered Leasehold title?

Answer: No stamp duty is payable, if you are purchasing as your primary residence, as you are buying a registered leasehold title, GST is included in the price. Stamp Duty is payable on investments or holiday home purchases.

What do I legally obtain when I purchase a site?

Answer: A registered leasehold title, that is an interest in land ownership with your name registered on title at the land titles office.

The title is equivalent to freehold title no different to your home, it can be sold to anyone , at any time.

No exit fees, no surprises.

What happens when the registered Lease expires?

Answer: At the end of the lease term you have the right to take a further option to register your title for a further term.  The initial lease term is for 250 years, the option is for 250years that is 500 years.  Bear in mind Australia is only just 200 years old.

How many sites and what configuration are offered?

Answer: Wyndham Cove Estate has a total of 41 lots.  Other locations vary in numbers.

Do Banks lend this type of security?

Answer: Yes – up to 80% of the purchase price from various lending institutions or contact our office if you are having difficulty arranging finance.

What about a Solicitor?

Answer: We have a number of solicitors who specialise in registered leasehold titles

Urban lawyers – Melbourne – Chris Moshitis- 0419-216-130

Mills Oakley – Melbourne – John Turnbull – 8568-9519

Hayton Kosky Solicitors – East Bentleigh – Brett Hayton -0418-997-311

Excellence Conveyancing Property Solutions – Werribee – Donna Cott 0458 159 114

“I couldn’t be happier with my absolute beach front villa. The Company provides a monthly statement and payment on time every month, and at the end of the guarantee I can use this investment myself.”


Want to know how you can get a ROI for your future?

Depending on your preferred location we offer a range of investments
opportunities with up to a 7.5% ROI.