Henty Bay

Henty Bay

Henty Bay has given me a great opportunity in many ways since purchasing my cabin. I receive a guaranteed income and get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Victoria. My cabin is of good quality and standard and I can see the beach right from my porch. The park itself has had a total revamp and the new cabins, amenities and playground will exceed all expectations.

As a keen fisherman, this was the perfect decision both personally and financially. Portland has a special buzz about it during whale and tuna season- and I love being apart of it. Thank you Henty Bay for everything!

Damien Perri

Rex and Dianne

Purchasing at Henty Bay

“We purchased as an investment, it’s been fantastic so far, we get paid our return on time every month”


Rex & Dianne Murray


Since purchasing our bock at Henty Bay Holiday Park

We have spent many enjoyable days on the block we will soon call home. Just imagine our excitement when two Humpback Whales spent the day frolicking right in front of us. Just one of the many pleasures we have enjoyed at Henty Bay Holiday Park. The friendliness of our neighbours and the laid back atmosphere just add to our little piece of paradise.
Bernie & Beryl Rohde

Henty Bay Holiday Park

Our purchase at Henty Bay has been the perfect fit for us.

We use our villa for our own holiday breaks, our friends and family are able to go and stay there too.  When we are not using our holiday home management rent on our behalf, the income we receive is an added bonus.  We live only 1 hour away and knowing when we arrive at our holiday home it will be clean and ready for us to simply relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean from our own loungeroom.  We recommend purchasing at Henty Bay.

Barry and Jan McDonough

Case study 1

Damien is my name and I have been driving trucks for over 20 years.

After having a chat about my retirement with my financial planner, and the poor performance of my superannuation of the past few years, he suggested a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

I was considering an apartment in the city however the outlay was excessive and the return was less than 2% before allowing for outgoings. My planner suggested purchasing an investment that was hassle free I didn’t know where to find one.

On a fishing weekend about a year ago I stumbled across the Henty Bay Beachfront Holiday Park in Portland and got chatting with the manager. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I could purchase both land and a villa on the beachfront at Henty Bay with a guaranteed return of 6% per year, no maintenance, no outgoings. He told me that I could even move into it when I retire down the track.

I collected all the information about the choice of villas and the beachfront land on offer and the return and went back to my accountant where we ticked all the boxes, the positive cashflow was the biggest drawcard, I figured over the next 10 years my return on $250,000 investment was $150,000, plus whilst I am still working I can deposit my superannuation into my own fund.

I can tell you it’s true, I haven’t spent a cent on my investment and have received my return on time, each month, they really do look after everything.

I have no hesitation recommending Holiday Lifestyle Developments anyone looking to purchase an easy hassle free investment.

Case study 2

I love my fishing and my mates, but with running my own business and young kids it is hard to make time to catch up. Luckily I made the best decision to purchase a holiday home at the Henty Bay Beachfront Holiday Park, Portland. My mates Johno and Matt were so impressed that they each recently purchased one too.

I can’t wait for my quarterly fishing trips where I catch up with my mates, we have four gatherings per year where we all catch up, connect and fish. It’s great cause we can go out on the boat and know that the family is happy. The villas are quite luxurious and there’s plenty for the kids to do, which is how we manage to get away four times a year. You know the saying happy wife happy life, well it’s true when it comes to fishing.

When I chose to purchase, I had only fishing in mind, then the sales lady told me that I can rent my villa during the times when I am not using it, this way I get to use my property and receive income when I’m not there. I receive income monthly (less cleaning and management fee) it works out to be about 50/50 with the management company.

The investment is fantastic we don’t have to mow lawns or clean, when we arrive all we do is unpack and head out.

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