Your Own Seaside Haven, 9 Steps From the Beach

At Henty Bay, you can:

Wake up to the sounds of the ocean from your own verandah of your luxury villa that’s set on 10 acres of stunning beachfront.

Feel the sand between your toes - just 9 steps from your verandah to the beach.

Watch humpback whales play in the ocean and take in the sea air.

Have a beachfront BBQ with friends and family

Enjoy the on-site facilities: coffee lounge, kiosk, games room and sports bar, plus wi-fi.

Drive 5 minutes to Portland township

Go sightseeing along the Great Ocean Road

Go fishing every day with an onsite boat ramp

Join a fun, close-knit community that kids and grandkids will love coming to visit.

Sell the land and villa to whomever, whenever you want.

Sell it through your own real estate agent. (You don’t have to sell it through the corporate body.)

Get guaranteed 7% ROI or you can use it as a holiday home and rent it out for the times you are not using it

Reduce your living costs. Rates, insurance and maintenance is only one low annual fee of approximately $4,200, or $85 per week (compared to others that are $5,000 or MORE).

Your dream of owning a beach house at the Gateway of the Great Ocean Road can become a reality!

Portland is one of the TOP 10 most affordable beach towns in Victoria.

Our Holiday Lifestyle Village at Henty Bay offers YOU some of the cheapest beachfront homes in the entire state starting at $165k!

Set on 10 acres of stunning beachfront, just 5 minutes from Portland township.

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom luxury villas by the sea from just $165k!

7% net with REAL property ownership. Don’t settle for 2.5% at the bank.

Up to 80% finance, NO stamp duty and just $1,000 down so you can have your dream home sooner.

Thrive in the Next Stage of Your Life.

We understand how it feels to have your dream of retiring by the sea slowly slip away from you as prices for prime beachfront properties skyrocket. At Henty Bay, you can secure your waterfront luxury villa starting at $165k, and with 6 months settlement, you can buy now, rent it in the meantime, and move in later. And with one low annual fee, you can budget for retirement.

Henty Bay offers:

Up to 6 months settlement, minimum deposit

1, 2 or 3 bedroom luxury villas by the sea, starting at $165k

NO Land Tax in Victoria, and GST is included in the price

Choose your 1, 2 or 3 bedroom luxury beachfront villa from just $165k!

Only limited beachside properties remain!

Call 1800 788 968

Your waterfront property with prized foreshore access and ocean views can be yours for just
$1,000 deposit.

We’ve Helped Over 1,000 Residents Realise Their
Dream of Coastal Living. Will You Be Next?

Bernie & Beryl Rohde

We have spent many enjoyable days on the block we will soon call home. Just imagine our excitement when two humpback whales spent the day frolicking right in front of us! Just one of the many pleasures we have enjoyed at Henty Bay Lifestyle Village. The friendliness of our neighbours and the laid-back atmosphere just add to our little piece of paradise.

For a quiet, tranquil lifestyle, Henty Bay offers the best of both worlds.

Your 3-Step Action Plan to Secure Your Luxury Villa

Speak to our Property Guide

Simply call or email to learn more about our luxury villas, our all-inclusive pricing, and the facilities you’ll have full access to at each of our villages.

2. Book an Inspection

When you’re ready to see your villa, book a tour at a time that works for you. You’ll visit the village of your choice, speak to the residents and enjoy a coffee on us!

Live. Holiday. Invest.

Choose whether you’d like to move in right away, or have your villa as a holiday home or as a prime investment so it makes you money, and let us handle the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that home ownership really does instill a sense of pride for many Australians. Like you, we were shocked to learn that many lifestyle villages don’t give you the option of owning the land. With Holiday Lifestyle, you own the house and the land with a 500 Year Registered Leasehold Title.

Where is Holiday Lifestyle Village at Wyndham Cove located?

Wyndham Cove is at 656 O’Connors Road, Werribee South. Click here to see our location on Google Maps.

What do I legally obtain when I purchase a site?

When you buy a Holiday Lifestyle site, you receive a registered leasehold title, which is an interest in land ownership with your name registered on the title at the Land Titles office.

A leasehold title is the equivalent to a freehold title, which is the same as your home. It can be sold to anyone, at any time.

Nobody should have to search the fine print for hidden costs, so with us, there are NO exit fees and NO surprises.

Is there any Stamp Duty or GST in the purchase of the registered Leasehold title?

If you’re buying a Holiday Lifestyle site as your permanent residence, you’ll be exempt from stamp duty, so you can pop the champagne and celebrate!

If you’re purchasing the property as a holiday home or investment, stamp duty is based on the sale price. This is currently 5.5% of the purchase price.

What happens when the registered lease expires?

At the end of the lease term, you are able to register your title for a further term.

This means with your current leasehold title, you own your Holiday Lifestyle site for 250 years. When that expires, you have the option to extend that for another 250 years, bringing your total lease to 500 years.

Keep in mind — Australia as a country is just 200 years old!

How many sites does Holiday Lifestyle have?

Wyndham Cove has a total of 41 lots. Henty Bay and St. Leonards vary in numbers, so it’s best to check in with us by calling 1800 788 968.

Do banks lend finance for these properties?

Yes, they do! Up to 80% of the purchase price can be borrowed from various lending institutions. If you have any difficulties arranging finance or you’re not sure where to start, give our office a call on 1800 788 968 and we can help you.

Do I need a solicitor to help with obtaining a Leasehold title?

We recommend you contact a solicitor so they can talk you through the details of a leasehold title.

We have a number of solicitors who specialise in registered leasehold titles that you can reach out to:

Urban lawyers, Melbourne. Contact Chris Moshitis: 0419-216-130
Mills Oakley, Melbourne. Contact John Turnbull: 03 8568-9519
Hayton Kosky Solicitors, East Bentleigh. Contact Brett Hayton: 0418-997-311
Excellence Conveyancing Property Solutions, Werribee. Contact Donna Cott: 0458 159 114

Can I bring my pets with me to a Holiday Lifestyle Village?

If you’re planning on becoming a permanent resident of one of our villages, have a chat to the management team at your Holiday Lifestyle Village to find the best ways you can have your pet come live with you.

When I purchase my site, how much do I have to pay per week?

The fees are shared between all site owners and is calculated based on the lot, the lot size and liability of the land.

These fees — which are known as ongoing cost or total cost of ownership — includes rates, management, maintenance, lawn mowing, public lighting and public liability and more.

What does my annual fee cover?

You annual fee covers many things, including:

  • Common property services so the village is neat and tidy for all residents and guests
  • Employment-related costs of the managers and other employees or contractors (such as administration costs, wages and office expenses)
  • Maintenance costs and costs repair so everything is in working order
  • Rates and taxes
  • Common property insurance
  • Depreciation and amortization
  • Refurbishment or replacement costs of existing works and the facilities
  • Waste disposal
  • Facilities and services

Do fees increase?

An increase in fees will be based on actual cost increases. For example, if the rates increase by 10%, the budget would be increased by the same.

Let’s say your rates were $1,000 last year, but this year, the rates have increased by 10% to $1,100. The increase is $100. You would pay the increased expense calculated by the lot and liability of your site.

Do I have to pay for insurance?

Yes, owners will need to pay building insurance. If you have any questions about insurance or you’d like help finding a competitive quote, give our office a call on 1800 788 968 and we can help you.

Do I have to pay for electricity and water?

The good news is water rates are included in your cost of ownership, unless separately metered. Because electricity is metered separately, payment is required on a monthly basis.

Can I sell my property at any time?

Yes, your leasehold title and villa is yours! You are able to sell it at any time to whomever you want, as long as you comply with the terms of your lease.

You can sell it through us at Holiday Lifestyle or with your own real estate agent — the choice is yours!

Do I have to purchase the furniture package?

As a permanent resident or holiday home owner, you have the option of purchasing a complete furniture package, or you could supply your own furniture.

So you can achieve the necessary rating, we ask that all furniture in your villa needs to be a satisfactory standard.

Do the homes and villas have air-conditioning?

For permanent residents and holiday home owners, air-conditioning is an optional extra. We understand how important comfort is, so you will maximise your return on investment if you purchase air-conditioning for your villa.

Investment properties come with air-conditioning.

How do I receive an income from my investment?

If you’re a investor or holiday home owner, you can permanently or periodically rent your villa. The on-site management can help manage this for you.

Is there a maintenance fund set up to make allowance for repairs and replacement of furniture?

We don’t have a maintenance fund and we encourage any expenses related to your villa, like broken glasses or curtain rails, be fixed as soon as you can.

We can give you a quotation for the cost of repairs or maintenance, so you can continue to rent out your property for the highest return.

What are the management rights?

Management rights are the rights the Holiday Lifestyle has to let villas within the complex.

Provides a monthly statement to the landlord clearly indicating the lettings per month, the fees per month, net result, and either direct transfer to the landlord’s bank account or by cheque.

Is it mandatory for me to place my property under the management?

No, if you are a permanent resident or a holiday home owner, you don’t need to place your villa with management.

If you want to rent out your villa to generate income, then you’ll need to place your property with the onsite management so they can maintain control over overnight, short-term or long-term bookings.

Our Holiday Lifestyle management company has the experience and the knowledge to deal with any problems associated with tenants, and can represent the landlord at VCAT hearings to resolves any issues.

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